Lauree sits in a tree (ex_arual679) wrote in film_lolitas,
Lauree sits in a tree

marilyn article in the sunday times magazine?

(She was just 17, pretty, coquettish and hellbent on fame. The private diaries and pictures that show how Norma Jeane became Marilyn Monroe.)

I thought this article was quite interesting. It explains a journey she took with the first man that photographed her. And the pictures show her untouched, with brown curly hair. before she became marilyn.

"De Dienes had bought two fluffy rabbit dolls in a New York toy shop and had them photographed in various positions, with the intention of using a rabbit as the emblem for a new magazine he wanted to start with backing from a wealthy agent.

He told Norma Jeane that she looked like an Easter bunny, and he wanted her to be in the first issue. He would like her to have shot her with the dolls, but they'd been left behind in his New York studio.

His plan never materialised, but eight years later Hugh Hefner launched Playboy, coincidentally choosing a rabbit as its symbol. Even more remarkably, Marilyn Monroe was on the first cover. That issue is now a collector's treasure."

"The camera loved her, and the feeling was mutual. The critic David Thomson has always felt that she was even better in stills than in movies. She was a gift to photographers and ever ready to pose. In stills, he says, she was "funnier, sexier, more mysterious, and protected against being." He believes that in time the photographs will triumph over the movies, and he could well be right.
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